Sins Of A Dark Age

Sound Design for Ironclad’s Sins of a Dark Age – an action strategy game from the creators of Sins of a Solar Empire. This video presents sound design for one of the playable heroes: Xeros, The Mage Slayer.


DyE - Fantasy

With permission generously granted by Excuse My French and director Jérémie Périn, I redesigned all audio for the official DyE – Fantasy music video, including Sound effects/sound design, Foley, original music, and dialogue. Please be sure to listen with high quality headphones or with studio monitors for the proper listening experience.
Download High Quality Stereo Mix

Bronx Sniper

Mister Heavenly: Bronx Sniper

With permission from director Corey Adams and from record label Sub Pop, I redesigned all audio for the Mister Heavenly music video, including Sound Effects/Sound Design, Foley, and Dialogue. Music by Mister Heavenly was used with permission from Sub Pop Records. I mixed the video in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound; this version is an encoded LtRt.

Download High Quality 5.1 Channel Mix (H264)

Round 6

Collaboration is a necessity for the huge undertaking that is the VFS Sound Design for Visual Media final project.  For fellow sound designer Ryan Schaad‘s final project – a re-design of the audio for Round 6 – I was asked to compose a musical score that captured the intensity of the piece’s visual elements. Short 3D animated film created by Snowball Studios.
Download High Quality 5.1 Channel Mix (H264)

Need For Speed

This video was originally showcased as the guide video for the Waves 2011 Sound Design Competition. Although late for the contest, my work was for a student project. I was provided with the video and a small bank of sound effects. The task was to creatively manipulate those given sounds for all of the sound design in the video. The catch? A 24 hour time limit.

There And Back

As game audio lead and composer on There And Back, a student-produced platform adventure game, my role was to oversee the creation of all sound assets, provide sound assets for the backgrounds/ambiences, music, sound effects, and Foley. Download game.

Cerebral Static

Completed for the Bloodshots 48 Hour Horror Film-making challenge. Produced by Lost Boys Studio.
My role was as boom operator, sound designer, and composer. This is a re-edit of the original sound; the film was originally shot and edited within a 48-hour time period.

Forget Me Not Annie

As a member of the sound design team for the first-person horror game Forget Me Not Annie, my role was to provide assets for various elements of the game, particularly special effects sounds. I provided the clockwork elements as well as the mannequin scream heard in this video. Download game.

Bryce Raffle Sound Copyright 2012 © Bryce Raffle Sound
Roach drawing by Dixie Von Fur